Suzette Sherman

Suzette Sherman is an internet entrepreneur based in San Francisco, and the founder of Through SevenPonds, Suzette has created an online community space with one purpose in mind: changing the way we think and feel about death. By informing the public about everything end-of-life, Suzette seeks to empower others with current information on death and dying, one of the last taboo topics in America.

Suzette’s online business was inspired by her grandmother Ida’s post- modern perspective on her own death. Over two decades ago, Ida was diagnosed with stomach cancer — but she decided not to have an X-ray or operation. Ida felt she was ready to die, and was adamant to do so not in a hospital, but at home.

Ida’s choice for a good death was a sign of things to come; a perspective that understood and anticipated the movement now taking place. Ida’s ashes were scattered in Michigan, at a family lake called Seven Ponds — hence, the inspiration for Suzette’s online business’s namesake. Today, SevenPonds connects and educates readers around the world on everything needed to create a positive, contemporary end-of-life experience.

Suzette possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the death care industry. After almost two decades of researching, attending conferences, and speaking with industry experts about death and dying, she has also become a veritable authority on the complex and ever-changing subject of end-of-life.

In addition to her deep-running passion for opening up the conversation on death, Suzette is best known for her work in branding and design; she has combined her experience and knowledge of the two for various projects rooted in ecological design. In 1992-1993, she was featured in the 47th edition of Who’s Who In America for her seminal research in design and ecology. She was also the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Research Grants in 1993 (with the Environmental Defense Fund in New York City in particular), and again in 1991 with the New York Council for the Arts. She has received numerous awards for her work, and been selected as a judge based on her knowledge of ecological design. Suzette has also served as a past Board Member and the Learning Chair of the Silicon Valley chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

Currently, Suzette is working on a book entitled Opening Our Hearts, which is a compilation of real end-of-life stories, from real people. She has also lectured and appeared on TV to discuss “Changing the Last Taboo – Death,” which analyses the specific reasons why the Boomers are now choosing to talk about the most profound part of life, death.