Scott Macklin

Scott Macklin can often be found looking for an espresso.  He hails from a family consisting of preachers and teachers where evening meals consisted of conversations relating to the eschaton and how one comports oneself in oder to live a repsonse-able life.  Though he learned that these are not mutually exclusive categories, he swore he would never commit his vocation to work in either church or school settings.     Now, after earning advance degrees in Philosophical Theology and spending over 15 years in Higher Education, he has accepted his fate as being doomed, and has dedicated his work to connecting formal and informal educational settings through a community-centric story making approach.  Central to his work is the notion of storytelling where stories are forged in the process of deep hanging out; where a story is made in collaboration with a community of practice; where one engages in the act of making the story “with” people from a particular community not just “about” them.   This past year, Scott has taken up the task of learning how to better layer flavors when making a paella and how to strum the rhythmic structures on his jarana when playing songs like “Guacamaya” in the Son Jarocho tradition of  convivencia and participatory music making.   If you ever need company when in search for an espresso give him a shout.  You can get a glimpse of some of his work at: