Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt, Co-Chairman, Health 2.0 Founder & Author, The Health Care Blog

Matthew Holt has spent 20 years in health care as a researcher, forecaster, and strategist. He learned from some of the best in forecasting, policy and survey organizations, like Institute for the Future and Harris Interactive. But these days he’s best known as the author of The Health Care Blog and as Co-Chairman of Health 2.0. For that he’s been mostly self-taught!

Health 2.0, the movement, is all about the new technologies improving health care, including cloud, web, mobile and sensors. Health 2.0 the company–which Matthew co-founded with Indu Subaiya in 2007– puts on the Health 2.0 Conference, now on three continents. It also hosts the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, runs Code-a-thons, has its own media channels, Health 2.0 News & Health 2.0 TV, and operates the Health 2.0 Advisors market intelligence service.

The Health Care Blog is one of the best known and most read blogs in health care, focusing on all aspects of health care policy, business, politics, technology and much more. Matthew started it in 2003 and was the (somewhat lonely) sole author for most of its first five years. Today several well known health care names are regular THCB contributors, and the site has on the way to 100,000 visitors most months. Matthew’s still allowed to write sometimes–if he asks the editors nicely.