Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins comes from a long line of Irish potato farmers who have been telling stories around the dinner table for generations. During the mid-18th century famine, the Wiggins’ mastered a system for analog problem solving that has been embedded in the family skill set and is primed for use in our technology addicted modern culture. That system is called face-to-face conversation.

Recognizing that there is no bigger threat to the health of our national economy than rising Medicare costs, Matt has dedicated his energy to helping solve these problems using the entrepreneurial approach that has worked for him in his career. The question framing his current work and exploration of new solutions: “What is healthy?”  Matt hopes that 2013 will be the year he and his 81 year-old Grandpa Tony are able to launch the highly-anticipated Medicare Boxing League (MBL), but is fine settling on helping operate the largest Bundled Payments program under the newly created Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, with his brother Charlie and dad, Steve.    The Wiggins Family reunion, held annually on a remote lake in Minnesota, is a by-blood-or-invite-only “TED meets Davos meets Burning Man” for people who care as much about transforming the American healthcare system as they do about the Vikings. Invitations available upon request.    You can connect with Matt through his website,