Angel Grant

Angel, Co-founder of deathoverdinner and, set out to understand why we’re here and what death has to do with it when she understood in her bones that existence is impermanent, at age 5. For nearly two decades, she’s been traveling the globe studying and teaching meditation and yoga practices, giving talks and engaging intimate groups on the how powerful the experience of life is when we reduce the distance between us – humans – by communicating the things we’re afraid to share and listening openly to the things we’re afraid to hear.

Angel served as Co-founder of Yoga in Common and Yoga in the Forest in coastal South Carolina, and has been leading teacher trainings with attention on somatic and emotional intelligence since 2010. She facilitates workshops, retreats, and supports one-on-one clients who are deeply committed to rewiring limiting patterns. The meditations Angel guides focus on empathy, rewiring addictions, and experiencing peace with death and dying. Recent meditations have been held at Grace Cathedral, The NY Academy of Medicine, Peak Mind’s event with the Dalai Lama for his 80th birthday, Kripalu, The Conscious Dying Summit, Newport Academy, One Taste, and Summit Series.

From teaching yoga in socio-economically challenged schools to leading meditation while living in Pisgah National Forest as part of a wilderness therapy program, Angel has engaged extensively with at-risk youth. She also founded a project called The Yoga Bus and traveled the country with her two dogs, living in a tiny RV that she helped build from the ground up. The project’s intent was to give tools for the trauma-healing process to populations who have little statistical chance of finding an emotionally healing environment. She furthered this work in South Africa though TRIAD Trust, an organization centered around HIV education and prevention, in a region believed to have a 40% infection rate.