Hofstra University holds Death Dinner

Hofstra University’s Palliative Care and Hospice class, in the Undergraduate Department of Health Professions, held a Death Dinner as a final project on Monday, May 11,2015 from 4-6 PM. Approximately 20 students participated in this event. In a discussion about what we wanted to relay about the experience, it was agreed that insights about life, as well as death were shared. Different perspectives about death were expressed; commonalities and differences were explored. We talked about the possibility of an afterlife; about religion; about familial expectations. We found a number of the “homework” suggestions thought-provoking. We ate wraps, chips, sweets, and drank sparkling water. We got to know each other better and wished that we had held a dinner at the beginning of the semester instead of at the finish.

November 12th, 2015