Hale Ku’ike Alzheimer’s care home. Honolulu

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We hosted a Death Dinner for the families of the residents of Hale Ku’ike, an Alzheimer’s care home in Honolulu (halekuike.com). We had 17 family members attend. It was a warm and touching evening. I will ask the families to leave feedback with you on this page as well. Here are some photos of the event. We held it at CookSpace Hawaii, a cooking class venue. Having it outside the facility made the families much more relaxed. We had great food and drink. We gave them handouts and made I Survived a Death Dinner magnets with this web address for them. They had so much fun that no one wanted to leave! Thank you for helping us bring out families together to talk about end-of-life wishes.

July 12th, 2014