Day of the Dead

by Christine Thomas

My husband and I were invited by our son and his wife to a Death Dinner. Our daughter-in-law made it a special occasion by decorating the table with black lace, flowers, and Day of the Dead skulls she had painted. They made a fabulous dinner while we read our “homework” – the regrets people typically have at the end of life. I found it provocative and plan to re-read it periodically to “keep me on track.” It echoed the thoughts I have as a 65 year old who wants to make the most of these retirement years.

The TEDMED video wasn’t particularly compelling and I would have preferred that time have been spent just talking, since it felt like there was lots more we could have said to each other on the topic of death and dying.

I loved the time we spent reminiscing about the admirable qualities of special people who had gone before us.

One of the most meaningful things we all did was to each stamp a table napkin with three words or phrases that describe how we envision a good death – our death. The experience was very tender and sweet and left me feeling at the end of this amazing evening that I am so blessed to have this open, supportive and loving family.

July 12th, 2014