After her own tragic loss, WGN-TV reporter wants death to be a dinner discussion

Her husband, Chicago journalist Carlos Hernandez Gomez, died from colon cancer in 2010, and although the couple knew Hernandez Gomez’s cancer was incurable, they never discussed what to do if he had to be put on life support. When faced with that reality, Belisomo struggled to make the right decision.

She has spent the years since his death encouraging people to discuss end-of-life decisions while their loved ones are still alive and lucid. Along with Northwestern Memorial Hospital oncologist Mary Mulcahy, who treated Belisomo’s husband, she launched Life Matters Media, an initiative that offers resources and information to approach dying with dignity and a strategy.

“We come to this from a point of failure,” Belisomo told me. “Death was the elephant in the room that was never addressed, and it left me just shocked. I don’t regret any decisions that were made, but it would have been so much easier if we heard from him what he really wanted.”

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April 23rd, 2016