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Let’s Have Dinner and Talk About Death

Our family debates a lot of things over our dinner table – the best Looney Toon character, politics, whether or not (and where or when) something is appropriate…  For many of these topics, there are no right answers and no wrong answers – just a whole lot of discussion and opinions.

A few months ago, on the heels of the Health 2.0 conference, a small group of us gathered in a San Francisco kitchen for one of the most powerful experiences most of us had ever had around a dinner table.
The idea behind this inaugural “death dinner” was that it would be a forum to talk about death — how we’d want to go, how we want to be remembered, how we’d coped with the “good” or “bad” deaths among our friends and family. Through laughter and tears, from one thoughtful course to the next, we openly discussed death in ways many of us had never really thought about.  And that’s exactly the point. While it may seem uncomfortable–or even taboo–people are ready for this conversation. Read More Here

June 23rd, 2013