Talking About Death Over Dinner

Eric Weinstein, the managing director for Thiel Capital, and his wife Pia Malaney invite a diverse group of guests with ties to Silicon Valley to their home in San Francisco for a frank conversation about death.

Five guests arrive just as the sun is setting on a Sunday evening.

People introduce themselves in the living room with the San Francisco Bay as the backdrop.

Even though everyone is tied to the tech industry in some form, they’ve never actually met as a group in person. After a few minutes of small talk and hors d’oeuvres, Weinstein welcomes the group with a formal introduction.

“Let’s try to have a really thoughtful structured conversation about the ultimate opponent, he says. “To confront death on its own’s terms and see if we can score a few points it against it.” Continue reading here…


This segment was picked up and broadcast by NPR National:

March 30th, 2015