KUOW Death Over Dinner Video Series

There are conversations doctors have with patients, that doctors have with themselves and that families should have with each other concerning end of life.
KUOW brought together a panel do do just that: talk about death over dinner.
Food was provided by chefs Debi and Hayden Smissen, who designed the menu while his own father was dying.
• Host: Ross Reynolds, KUOW
• Dr. Cat Saunders, Seattle counselor and death doula
• Dr. Greg Vandekieft, palliative care physician
• Trudy James, MRE, hospital chaplain. She also has made a movie about conversations on death called “Speaking of Dying.”
• Dr. Anthony Back, oncologist and palliative care physician

Watch the 4 videos here: http://kuow.org/topic/talking-about-death-over-dinner

November 12th, 2015